Lidia Rumley

Founder, Light Switch PR

This is my story

For the past 18 years, I've worked as a PR specialist within the video games industry.

I led the PR for a variety of companies in the market, both large and small and was lucky enough to have been part of some incredible and memorable campaigns. The industry evolved, through good times and bad, and I learned to adapt accordingly. Over the years, one thing remained a constant in this fast-moving and rapidly changing market: my passion for PR.

People who work with me know my drive is ultimately measured in column inches. Having a PR strategy is an important prologue to a campaign but the closing chapter is always about the solid results that come from well-honed execution.

My decision to form Light Switch was based on this ethos.

Regardless of your company size, the market you operate in or the product and service you offer, 18 years of PR has taught me that everyone has a story, and someone wants to hear it.